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FIELD SPORTS Phone Number 614 791-7849 Ryan Hicks Position Manager Email EducationCertifications B.S. in Sport Humanities with a major in Sports and Leisure Studies from The Ohio State University CPR and First Aid Certification TeachingCoaching Philosophy I have plenty of experience working with children as I was previously a summer camp counselor as well as a coach for youth programs at Field Sports. I believe the emphasis in coaching youth sports should not be put on the end result or winning instead it should be put on the process it takes to get there. One of the most important parts of learning is making mistakes. Learning from those mistakes is crucial to improving and the coach plays an important part in that aspect. Aaron Stacy Position Assistant Manager Email EducationCertifications B.S. in Sport LeadershipSport Humanities from The Ohio State University TeachingCoaching Philosophy I believe that as a coach your job is to aid athletes in developing the skills fundamentals they will need to be successful at their prospective sport. Promoting a positive atmosphere where athletes arent afraid to make mistakes is the best way for them to learn. GOLF CENTER Phone Number 614 791-3002 Patrick Leyshon Position Supervisor Email EducationCertifications Finishing B.A. in Political Science at The Ohio State University CPR First Aid Certification NFHS Certified Golf Coach TeachingCoaching Philosophy I believe everyone has the ability to become a skilled golfer. In my experience of teaching and coaching the game a few things are necessary to achieve success. By creating a positive environment having the willingness to practice and enjoying the process no goal is impossible. Steve Wendland Position Golf Instructor Email EducationCertifications Columbus Technical Institute Teacher and Golf Professional at Harder Hall Golf School Belleview Biltmore Resort and the United States Golf Academy Member of the PGA of America for over 25 years TeachingCoaching Philosophy I teach the basic fundamentals of golf as the key to improvement. My goal in teaching is to help golfers become better players and more fully enjoy the game. I believe that golfers can achieve greater success and derive more pleasure from the game through patience practice and individual attention. Our Team Be sure to join us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.comsportsohio22 The SportsNut Hits the Road The SportsNut loves to travel and would love to travel to you He enjoys reading to kids playing outside being a part of events and entertaining. Hitting the road to travel is something he enjoys so much its free Call 614-791-3003 to book the SportsNuts next adventure to you