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SOCCER FIRST Phone Number 614 793-0101 Steve Matyas Position Facilities Manager Email EducationCertifications B.S. Business Administration from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Certified Arena Operator Certificate from US Indoor Sports TeachingCoaching Philosophy I believe a successful coach is able to create within players not only a sound foundation of skills to help each individual athlete reach their full potential but also a love and enthusiasm for the sport that will hopefully last long beyond their playing days. Chris Crosby Position Director of Youth Soccer Email EducationCertifications B.S. in Education from The Ohio State University Master of Science Degree with a concentration in Sports Studies from James Madison University Advanced National Diploma C License equivalent from NSCAA Regional Goalkeeping Diploma from NSCAA TeachingCoaching Philosophy I believe in teaching through participation and creating a fun environment that will make soccer interesting. Bringing participants new ideas allows them to learn by experimenting while playing the game. Karen Schmid Position League Director Email EducationCertifications E License from US Youth Soccer Association TeachingCoaching Philosophy Soccer is a sport you can start to play at any time in your life and enjoy this beautiful game. Soccer is a wonderful sport because there is a place for everyone at every age and every skill level. Jordan Koblens Position Assistant Manager Email EducationCertifications B.A. in Communi- cations from Bowling Green State University TeachingCoaching Philosophy We pride ourselves on having an excellent facility that caters to the needs of the soccer community. We also strive to provide a friendly environment where players and their families can enjoy the wonderful game of soccer no matter what age or experience level they are. Be sure to join us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.comsportsohio 23 Discover Cross Creek Homes. Nothing is more important than the quality of your everyday living experience. For more information visit call 614 718-3280 or email For more information 614.718.3280