Winter session is approaching fast!  We have both youth and adult leagues, youth classes and even winter break camps!!  Sign up today!!


Our goals are the same.

At SportsOhio, we live in the community in which we operate. Our kids go to the local schools and we participate in the same organizations that you do.

As a company, we participate in local events that are important to the community as a whole, like walk-a-thons, festivals, and mascot school visits. Any donations that we make are not monetary, but rather, in the form of activity passes.

Please note: We receive numerous donation requests throughout the course of a year and we cannot respond to every request we receive.

If you have a donation request, please fill out the contact form below.

    From tournaments to birthday parties to corporate events to camps (and everything in between), this Central Ohio gem is waiting for you to discover the best in sports and family recreation.