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Little Champions

Little Champions boys playing on indoor field

The emphasis is on fun!

Everything’s new when you’re a toddler. It’s almost magical to see these very young athletes grow and learn. So it’s very exciting for us to introduce little tykes to sports & activities through our Little Champions program. This course for very young toddlers will develop coordination & strength as they improve their motor skills.

Little Champions highlights:

  • All programs are held in our air-conditioned Field Sports building on the SportsOhio campus
  • Ages 2-5
  • Our staff is committed to introducing tots to motor skills and social skills in a playful environment
  • Classes encourage parent participation
Field Sports
Little Champion programs are held at our Field Sports facility.Get Directions >
Interested in other sports? We have over 25 other activities for you to join all year long.

This is a great opportunity for your child to interact with other children while learning to take basic instructions and that’s what Little Champions is all about. The little ones play and learn new skills at the same time.

Little Champions Explorers

Ages : 2-3

The Little Champions Explorers program will teach toddlers basic motor skills while developing strong social skills. Kids will be introduced to a new sport each week with a variety of fun activities.


Little Champions Voyagers

Ages : 4-5

The Voyagers program teaches the same skills learned in Little Champions Explorers, but will further develop their motor and social skills.